Puppies are like chips…

Adding a puppy to the family is a huge responsibility. There’s poop, and feeding, and training, and barking, and poop, and chewing, and that time in the middle of the night when it’s the greatest time to decide to play, and did I mention poop?

Regardless, January 1st, my boyfriend and I added a Pomeranian puppy to our family of four, which includes two adolescent sibling cats, Egon and Astrid.


Princess Peach- upon my boyfriend’s insistence- has been in our home for five days.  During this time, she has not slept through the night once (Bad for my waking-up-at-5AM boyfriend) peed on the carpet twice, and had her toys stolen by Astrid the cat, who insists all small round things and some large stuffed things are hers.

Peach is the third Pomeranian I have owned. The first had to be returned to his breeder when we discovered he had health issues that were beyond our capability of managing. Luckily, he has a new home with someone who dedicates her life to helping unhealthy dogs. The second… Well, my in-laws fell in love with her. How could I say no, when they make each other so happy?

Peach is going to be treated atypically by Pomeranian standards. I know the breed’s capabilities, persistence, and energy levels, and Peach will be a great walking/hiking buddy.  I hope to, while writing this blog, keep track of all of Peach’s milestones, and maybe entertain or even educate along the way.

So hey, Peach, whatcha think of this endeavour?

Do I get treats if I sit still?

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