Peach’s Sweater

I’m one of those crazy people who believes dogs- and their people- should dress for the weather. Face it: dogs are not made for all weather. We have smooth, short-haired breeds with little body fat living in freezing climates, and harsh-furred, double-coated breeds living in boiling climates. Sometimes, they need some help to keep themselves comfortable outside. With my other two Pomeranians, I put off getting them clothing, because I thought it was silly. They’re tiny version of sled dogs, with thick, profuse fur! I wasn’t considering that they’re so close to the ground, have so little body fat, high metabolisms, and I live in Canada. It gets co-o-old!


Before I actually brought Peach home, I bought her a sweater online. I measured her big brother on December 20th, and assumed she wouldn’t be much larger by the time I received it. I hoped to have a month of wear from the sweater, which I purchased for a reasonable price from LyndaKnits on Etsy. Of course, Peach couldn’t handle the cold outside for longer than a few minutes, so a few days after she came home, I bought her a sweater locally, as well. Good thing, too. As my luck would have it, the sweater I ordered was way too small for poor Peach, but she tried very hard to wear it anyway. I’d definitely recommend LyndaKnits to anyone looking to buy a sweater for their dog, though. They’re so well made, very fetching, and super soft!

Thankfully, Peach has her local sweater, which we got at our Pet Valu store. Peach is a tiny, tiny dog- we’ll have her exact weight after her vet check on Saturday- and her fur is still baby-fine, so she can’t store heat at all well. With her sweater, she can stay outside and frolic in the snow for almost three times the time she could without it on a normal day, perhaps only a few minutes longer on an extra-cold day. Imagine how cold she would be, and how little frolicking would get done, if she didn’t have her sweater?

Neener neener, my sweater is better!


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