Stop Growing!

It dawned on me today that in the two weeks Peach has been part of the family, she’s grown.

It’s a little hard to see with a small breed. They start small, and end small. Peach was about the size of a big Teddy bear syrian hamster when she was born, and she was the biggest puppy. She’ll ultimately end up about 7 pounds as an adult. There’s not much of a change from here to there, considering how some giant breeds start out small (4-5 pounds) and end up enormous (200+ pounds)

Pictured: Most appropriate canine diner ever.

But Peach is definitely bigger. I can see it more in how she approaches the world than how she looks, physically. Two weeks ago, she had trouble reaching her double-diner, which is the Bone Bowl (It’s amazing and flawless and fulfills my need for adorable things) She would insist on standing in the space between the knobs on the diner to reach her bowls. Now, she stands with ease in the middle to reach either of the metal dishes containing her delicious meals and water.

A week ago, she couldn’t jump up over my arm and onto my lap(top) while I was on the couch. Now she bounces a little and I have to tell her she can’t use my computer. In a similar vein, she couldn’t reach the seat of the couch with her paws, and now she’s this close to being able to run and jump up on it with us. She is still dwarfed by her sibling-cats, but now she can hold her own against them when they wrestle with her. Also, she can eat a whole treat in two bites, instead of in four hundred.

It’s amazing to be on the inside watching an infant animal grow, but sometimes, you miss the little things. An inch or a pound, and to visitors, the dog looks totally different. But since we see that inch or pound gain millimeter by gram, it’s hard to see the growth. We just suddenly realise, hey! My dog isn’t as small as he was! And then I write a blog post.

Because that’s what crazy people do.


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