Adventure: the First Vet Visit

Peach had her first adventure this weekend. Saturday morning we were up bright and early, packing bags and securing animals, to go into Quebec to visit my family vet. Doctor Allan, of the Taschereau Veterinary Clinic in Greenfield Park, has been the owner of the clinic my family has used for three generations. My grandmother, my father, and me, have all brought our pets there to be cared for by his competent staff. I’ve tried using local vets, but find that they are too expensive and too disconnected from the animals and the people. Doctor Allan’s staff is there for the pets first and foremost, not to rifle through your wallet.

Of course, this meant a long, long drive into Montreal’s South Shore area, and a long, long wait in the walk-in clinic’s waiting room. Peach had a friend along for the ride, of course: Mr Egon was going for his vaccinations so that he can be neutered shortly. He traveled very well in his carrier.

Are we there yet?

Egon spent most of the ride and wait taking a nap at the back of his carrier. Peach spent most of her time curled up in my arms, watching the world go by. This was her first major excursion, as she hasn’t had any real walks without her vaccinations. In the waiting room at the vet’s, there were many cats, dogs, and people. It was loud, and smelled funny, and there were dogs barking in the back room. A baby cried. To Peach, who is a very soft and cautious puppy, it was too much. When a Saint Bernard puppy sniffed her bum for the third time, she got scared, and did not want to interact with anyone else, including a cute little Yorkie boy who just wanted to share his rawhide.

In the office, with less stimulus, both of my pets shined their shiniest. Peach took the strange physical examination and weighing- three and three-quarter pounds!- in stride. She didn’t mind her temperature taken, because she had treats (I’m a prepared sort of person) and barely noticed the injection. Egon (Eight and a half pounds) strutted out of his carrier like he owned the place, accepted scritchies to stretch out, took his needle, and then retreated to the carrier when it was all over. We then walked through the freezing cold for about ten minutes to my grandmother’s, where she got to meet both Peach and Egon for the first time.

Mmm, lamb.

Egon made himself comfortable rubbing on everything, and Peach went to the crate to nap. The injection took a lot out of her, and she was itchy and tired for the rest of the evening. Of course, when we stayed at my dad’s fiance’s for the night, Egon was enamoured by the stairs, and kept running up and down them like a small herd of elephants. Together, they are a team, and Egon helped Peach get some zoomies out before bedtime.

It was a very long day for both of my pets, but today we are home, and everyone is feeling much better. Peach did get a basket and a stuffed lamb from my grandmother out of it, and she can start visiting the wide outside now.


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