Having raised three puppies of the same breed, I’ve a good grasp of the characteristics associated with that breed, and also a few that aren’t often spoken of, or described correctly. Pomeranians are known as vocal, affectionate, protective dogs. You don’t often here about their tenacity, their spirit, their need to do anything they are asked to please their people. They’re part of the breed’s temperament, a set of characteristics deeply engraved in their genetic code.

But that doesn’t make each Pomeranian the same. Or any other breed of dog. Or any mixed-breed of dog.

My first two Pomeranians were similar to each other when they were pups: bold, fearless, eager, curious, and almost brainless. As they aged they became different from one another, but still the same. The male would persistently try anything to get a positive reaction, and the female would persistently do whatever got her the result she wanted.

Peach is different. She is just as tenacious, affectionate, and spirited. I have no doubt she would be protective of “hers”, after she growled at a dog at least 20  times her size at the vet’s. But Peach is not bold, or fearless, or brainless. She is curious, but cautious. She thinks. You can see her little cogs turning a mile a minute while she tries to figure out, Will this work? Will this thing get me good things?

She is soft-natured, where my other Pomeranians were bold as brass. She has all the good hallmarks of a Pomeranian, along with a little Peach. Sweet, trusting, honest, shy. And anyone seeking a dog should be prepared that that dog will not match the breed standard, or the common temperament associated with their breed.

A dog is an individual. They have pupsonality.

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