ID 4 Life

There are many ways to identify your pets now. Some dogs still get tattoos, most wear registration or rabies tags, many have microchips, a permanent form of identification. I’m a sucker for the adorable- I may have mentioned this, with my Bone Bowl and wicker dog basket and tiny sweater?- so I absolutely needed a cute ID tag for Peach. But what was cute enough for her?

"Hello, my name is ADORABLE."

I didn’t want a regular disc tag, although I did check out the Tag Studio’s excellent customisation options at length. I didn’t want another Boomerang CollarTag, even though they’re a great option if you hate dingle-dingling as much as I do. I just like the tag to be very visible, to attract attention in case of emergency. I even checked Etsy for lots of different options for graphic tags and hand-stamped tags, but none of them felt right. Until I remembered that Dog-Milk did a review of some dog tags by Animal Outfitters, who made “Hello My Name Is” tags.

I thought, that is what I need for Peach. But I didn’t like how the tags were in settings, and the price was a little prohibitive. So I looked up other options on Etsy, and found ID4Pet. They do many graphic tags in shiny, resin-like material. You can buy your dog a fake license tag, or a heart-shaped tag, or a Keep Calm tag. They’re almost endlessly customisable, because ID4Pet allows you to select your colour and font choice. On some tags, you have more options than on others. All seem to be double-sided.

I ordered Peach a tag, and then realised that we may be moving soon and change our phone number, so my cell would be a better option. ID4Pet offers to make a second tag with a different number or in a different colour/font combo for a little over half the price of the first tag. If you’re smarter than me, you take up the offer immediately and save on shipping. If you’re not… Well, I’ll be waiting another two weeks to receive my second tag. They do take a while to make, as they appear to be baked to set the resin that makes up the majority of the tag, and makes it so shiny, durable, and waterproof.

Cuteness level: Over 9000.

I received Peach’s tag today and affixed it to her collar with a second jumpring, to keep it forward-facing. She tried to eat it until she got used to it, and then I snapped a few adorable pictures. I chose a small tag, in tea rose, with font option #22. It suits her, and is probably my favourite tag I have purchased to date. And I have gone through lots of tags in search of adorable!


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