1 Month with Peach

It was actually December 31st that Peach came home to live with us, but today is somewhere between her Gotcha Day and her actual birthday- the 6th- so I felt it was appropriate to post today. Also, until I looked at the date, I hadn’t realised that it had already been a month.

Day 3

This was the first picture I took of Peach, a couple of days after she came home. Such a little fluff ball! She was wearing a way-too-big “original” design of my collars, it looked ridiculous on her. Of course, I had been lucky enough to meet Peach before bringing her home, and even have her week-by-week photos stashed away for future “aww”ing. She already knew who we were, she was just unsure of the environment she was now exploring.


What a difference a month makes. It’s hard to see in the picture, but Peach’s fur has started to do what every good Pomeranian’s fur does: get ugly. She’s growing some adorable mutton-chops on the sides of her face, her butt-feathers stick out crazily, and the rest of her body has gone from baby-fine fluff to wooly, thick, and luxurious. I’m not sure where that’s coming from, since both her predecessors never went wooly, and both of her parents had fine, silky fur. I’m hoping it bodes well for a gorgeous adult coat! Easier to see are that her ears no longer flop cutely, and in the background, that her tail feathers are starting to make an appearance. No more little otter tail! She actually has a very long tail, it almost curls twice.

I like her expressions in both pictures. The first was very Peach: trusting, sweet, her brain a little learning sponge. Peach today looks at mw like she’s plotting something silly. In fact, I actually got down to take a picture of her napping in her basket, and when she spied the camera, she hopped out, laid down, and posed for me. Diva! She did just happen to lay down in the mess of torn-up cardboard rolls she has been gathering.

In a month, Peach has discovered that she loves Cesar’s treats more than anything in the world, especially the filet mignon flavour. There’s a close tie with peanut butter for second place. She has also outgrown her sweater as of last week (We got about three weeks’ wear out of it) and started to put her brave pants on for every walk. Most times she’ll ring the bell to go outside to potty, though there is that rare occasion where her brain slips out of her ears and she forgets, but it’s not as often as 9/10 times, or we’d be having an accident each day, and we really don’t. We get maybe two accidents a week, where she rings her bell to go out at least six times a day.

She has also been able to graduate from being crated in the kitchen, to being crated in the bedroom, because she is very quiet at night, and wakes up at about 8:30 to let us know she has to go to the bathroom. Peach sits on a dime, and loves to “up” for extra treats, though “down” is a bit troublesome. She’s now big enough that we let her play with the cats without intervention: if they need to sort out their business, no one will get seriously injured doing so.

Lots has changed in the past month, but Peach is still a lovable, squishy little furball. I hope that never changes.

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