Don’t you put that in your mouth

I swear, at least forty times a day I ask Peach, “What are you eating?”

Alternatively, I’m telling her, “You don’t always need to have something in your mouth.”

The crime scene.

Peach has all kinds of toys. She doesn’t want for entertainment, either, as she has two people and two cats to keep her occupied during the day. But, inevitably, she finds something to play with that really doesn’t belong in her mouth. Up there? She has a toilet paper roll (Which she is allowed to play with) as well as her Skinneez duck, but instead, she chose to play with an arm torn off of another toy. That toy has been reassembled since.

"I didn't do it."

Often, what’s in her mouth has an unknown origin. A stick, a rock, a piece of plastic. About a quarter of the time it’s a piece of cardboard, and maybe one in ten times it’s an actual toy. She can be running around right in front of me, put her face down, and when it comes back up, there’s something stuck to her nose! As if she conjured it from thin air. And of course, when I try to get my boyfriend to look at her, she’s removed the unknown object… Usually into her mouth.

Puppies, like babies, explore their whole world with their most easily manipulated tool: their mouths. Peach really takes her job as a puppy seriously… Everything ends up in there.

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