I had hoped to have an interesting post up for today, after nearly a week of silence. It kind of flopped.

Two weeks ago, I thought about starting a dog-walking group, inspired by Two Pitties in the City‘s dog-walking group. Last Sunday I had two people contact me who were interested in the idea, people who had their dogs through obedience and into agility classes, and were looking for some good small-dog socialisation opportunities. We were all set to take an hour-long walk at 1 today, but the temperature dropped dramatically in the last two days, and the other dogs would have been uncomfortable being outside for so long.

So Peach and I took a half hour long walk together instead. It was frigid outside! I put her old sweater on (She’s about two times too big for it now) and we explored down along the river for a bit. I meant to get pictures, but my cell phone politely informed me that it was low on battery life when we hit the bike path.

Peach seemed very disappointed with the short walk. She’s been feeling poorly for the past week and yesterday was her low point, but she’s bouncing today. Hopefully next week more exciting things will happen, and maybe this dog-walking group will actually be able to meet for the first time!


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