Feelin' sassy.

Hi there! This is Amber, writer of the Little Blond Dog blog. I write about, and because, of my little dog, Peach. I’m a 20-something Canadian female with an entrepreneurial leaning, who has always had a passion for writing, among other arts. I used to blog privately about my pets every single day, and when I left my old blogging platform, I thought, gee, where will I write about my pets now?

Occasionally, my kitties Egon and Astrid will feature on the blog, since they’re also part of my life and a part of Peach’s, but Peach is the star of the show. She was born November 6th, 2011, and is a blond Pomeranian puppy. Her lines have coat faults, so she may ultimately end up short-haired, but right now she’s the most beautiful little fluff ball in the world. She is a soft-natured and shy puppy, totally the opposite of my bold and sassy cats and past Pomeranians.

My pets like sassin' me.

I hope to bring lots of relevant information to readers, as well as more than my fair share of adorable pictures. Enjoy your time at the Little Blond Dog blog!


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